Sunday, April 21, 2019

Reminder: Tomorrow Is Earth Day 2019

Go out and hug a roughneck.

Billions of people in North America depend on glaciers -- NY Times -- can't make this stuff up -- 

Meanwhile, Passover, this week, and Easter, today.


From the pope: another elite telling me to do with less --

Meanwhile, the view from the pulpit:

Poor Side Of Town 

Poor Side of Town, Johnny Rivers

How I Found Them

Johnny Rivers: freshman roommate in college
Shakespeare: freshman roommate in college
Henry James: female acquaintance of some years ago
love of chemistry: high school chemistry teacher
Helen of Troy: brother-in-law
heterosexuality: second grade teacher (LOL)
investing: my dad
feminism: first love
Judaism: love of my life (wife)

Helicopter Moms

Link at WSJ.

By the way, helicopter moms are being pushed aside by "snowplow parents."

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