Thursday, December 6, 2018

Nothing About The Bakken -- December 6, 2018

Holy mackerel ... holy mackerel ... holy mackerel ... I'm lying here watching extended news coverage of Union Pacific 4141 carrying George H. W. Bush to his final resting place. It's incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Certainly JFK's was more moving -- how could it be otherwise -- but two entirely different circumstances. The pageantry -- if that's the right word for a solemn occasion ... was incredible. Twenty-four US fighter flyover. But the Union Pacific 4141 was even better. Hopefully there will be a YouTube video that captures this.

Here it is: 3.5 hours of Union Pacific 4141

 We live in Grapevine, the Christmas capital of Texas. Preceding the coverage of Union Pacific 4141 was a long piece on the "Parade Of Lights," the annual Christmas parade in Grapevine. Wow, that, too, was superb.


Jamestown Ferry, Charley Crockett
It's a cover; Tanya Tucker did it first. Studio version, hard to say which is "better." But his official video is so much better than her live version. He sings it with more feeling, more soul. On YouTube, Tanya's most watched version has about 260,000 hits and has been up since 2014. Charley's official video was posted January, 2018 -- about one year ago -- and has over 300,000 hits. 

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