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Lana Del Rey! Apple Live Streaming To Begin Momentarily -- 9:00 A.M. CDT -- October 30, 2018


October 31, 2018: from the presentation --

October 31, 2018: More, at Macrumors.com, link here --

Later, 2:01 p.m. CDT: CNBC's take on the new Apple products

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Purely coincidental:

Note: many factual and typographical errors; done on the fly to make sure I stay focused.

Link here: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/.

And it begins.Tim seems almost embarrassed. Huge, rock-star-like NYC welcome.

At the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Starting immediately with the Mac.
  • 51% of new Mac owners are new to Apple
  • 76% of new Mac owners are in China
  • 100 million Macs
  • MacOs Mahogany recently released
  • "Stack" app built in: cleans up desktop
  • one Mac in particular is their favorite: MacBook Air; much clapping
    • I agree -- it's phenomenal
    • changed the industry
    • first portable with all-day battery
    • redefined the modern notebook
    • most beloved notebook ever; much clapping
  • so, what's new?
    • a new MacBook Air -- even more enthusiastic response
  • retina display
  • and, a whole lot more
  • Tim is really, really excited
  • two "ports" on the left side; that's all?
  • VP of hardware engineering to tell us all about it 
  • everything re-engineered, refined
  • #1 feature customers wanted: retina display, but much better
  • display glass to the edge; 13.3" display; aluminum bezel of old Air removed
  • another 3/4" display all the way around
  • pixels quadrupled
  • FaceTime camera still at the top even with loss of the aluminum bezel
  • #2 feature customers wanted: TouchID
  • comes with T2 security chip; most secure storage of any portable
  • #3 feature: latest generation keyboard; each key backlit; Force Touch trackpad and 20% bigger
    • can click anywhere on the trackpad -- this is also huge
  • #4 feature: audio 
  • #5: most versatile in/out port
  • CPU: up to 16GB memory -- doubles previous; 60% faster
  • all-day battery life
  • portability -
    • 17% less volume -- wow!
    • 15.6 mm thin; 10% thinner
    • weighs 2.75 pounds; a quarter-pound lighter 
  • Aluminum: alloy
    • huge breakthrough
    • 100% recycled aluminum
    • every MacBook Air is now !00% recycled aluminum -- huge enthusiastic response
    • "greenest" Mac ever
  • three finishes
  • 8 GB; 1.6GHZ; 128GB SSD
  • $1199 -- wow! That's incredible; about what they cost now ($999)
  • $1199 seems to be a price point that Apple likes for their most requested products;
  • this price point hasn't gone up much at all over the years
  • can order starting today; will be available next week, November 7, 2018
  • just in time for the holidays
Mac Mini? An almost-one-more thing moment from Tim.

This looks incredible.

The new Mac mini.
  • biggest update ever
  • space-grey finish
  • processors: with 4-core and 6-core, 5x faster
  • memory: 
  • 32 GB
  • but also
  • can go up to 64 GB
  • Storage: all flash storage; up to 2TB
  • new cooling system; 
  • connectivity: four Thunderbolt 3 ports; HDMI;
  •  Paramount using Mac mini to film "Rocketman" (Elton John bio)
  • $779
  • can order starting today; will be available next week, November 7, 2018
  • also, 100% recycled aluminum
  • carbon footprint reduced by 50% 
Today at Apple: Angela. Wow. Great reception. Educational sessions in store. Apple is clearly widening the gap between itself and others. I am not aware of any other brand doing this. One concern: over-promise and under-deliver. These sessions are going to be way over-subscribed. Stores will look a lot different in the future. Apple University Village in Seattle just opened. The new Pris flagship will open soon. All facilities now run on 100% renewable energy (I am not sure of the specifics). 3,000 "pros" and 70,000 associates -- that know their computers.

The reception that Tim is getting in NYC is amazing. He says he is moving to NYC. LOL.

  • 400 million sold
    • sold more last year than all of the laptops sold by all competitors last year
    • therefore, most popular tablet as well as the most popular computer in the world
  • three models: Mini, iPad, and Pro
  • a new iPad Pro today -- wow
    • no home button
    • LCD stretches from top to top, bottom to bottom
    • rounded corners
    • liquid retina display
    • ideas taken from iPhone
    • 10.5" Pro now -- new --> same footprint but now an 11" display
    • also 12.9" display -- huge
    • about the very same size as an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper
    • 5.9 mm thin
    • 15% thinner than before
    • 25% less volume
    • Apple thinks people will move to the larger Pro; it seems so much smaller
    • Face ID; will unlock with simple glance
    • no longer a home button
    • swiping gets you everything
    • split view
    • A12X Bionic -- a monster -- huge audience reception
    • A12 in latest iPhones
    • an "X" chip -- no other manufacturer has been able to make this jump
    • 7-core GPU; 8-core CPU
    • up to 90%
    • faster than 92% of all portable PCs; and this is a tablet, not a laptop
    • all-day battery life
    • neural engine: 5 trillion operations per second
    • 1TB storage capacity
    • USB-C -- wow!  -- so you can hook it to  your printer
    • can charge your iPhone from the iPad Pro 
  • Pencil
    • 2nd generation pencil
    • attaches magnetically
    • automatically recharges immediately and wirelessly
    • always charging, so always ready to go
    • tapping on the pencil actually changes function of the pencil
  • Smart Keyboard Folio 
    • attaches to keyboard
  • no other devices offers the flexibility of the iPad
  • best device ever for AR
  • software
  • wow -- as they are going through the capability, it seems way beyond any desktop, much less any tablet; one easily forgets this is a tablet, not a desktop
  • gaming
    • ultimate gaming platform: wow, the gaming looked real --- it was simply downright scary; rivaling consoles
    • every NBA player is rendered perfectly down to the pinholes on the jerseys
    • you have to see this to believe this; pretty amazing 
  • working close with Adobe 
    • Photoshop
  • iPad Pro: $999
  • can order starting today; will be available next week, November 7, 2018
So far, the presenters, about 7 women for every 3 men.

IO12: unbelievable start; installed in more devices in first month than any previous update
  • 12.1 shipping today
  • 32 friends on Group Face Time 
  • 78 (?) more emojis
Finishes with ... Taylor Swift? Let's see who it is?

NY native.

Lana del Rey.


This is truly incredible. Who would have thought?

Can't swear so can't give name of new album.

"How to Disappear" from the new album.

The new album title: "Norman F****** Rockwell." Due out in 2019.

Wow, this is really quite incredible. I never would have guessed Lana Del Rey tie-up to this extent with Apple. Speak volumes.

Seriously can anyone compete with Apple. Clearly "outside the box."

Second song she sings, again, cannot provide the name due to "G" rating required by Apple for this performance.

It's kind of ironic: the mainstream press is all upset about language being used today, and yet, Apple can't even let Lana del Rey mention the names of her songs or album.

I'm impressed that Lana Del Rey acceded to these requests. Good for her.

Big hug between Tim Cook and Lana del Rey. Standing ovation; I think but can't tell for sure with the lighting.


  1. This is happening a block over from a coworking space I work out of a few days of the week. Cool to be so close this time. I know the pro desktop has never been their biggest money maker, but I can't believe they still haven't put out a high end configurable desktop tower in nearly a decade. It's like Ford not making a Mustang. It important to give something to the high end creatives to maintain the ecosystem.

    1. I was thinking something similar watching the presentation. It took them forever to update the mini -- that I found most interesting -- whether they were even going to keep it.

      With regard to the high end configurable desk top: so true. One would think they would update it simply to stay in that niche. But if Paramount, Rodriguez (?); David Lynch (?) and other movers and shakers in Hollywood are moving to all mobile devices, one wonders if Apple has lost all interest in these towers. If the Coen Brothers have moved to mobile Apple devices, that would probably cinch it -- I'm so far removed from desktop environment, I can't say much more.