Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Crude Oil Inventories Down More Than Expected -- June 13, 2018

NASDAQ: hits another all-time high. Whoo-hoo!

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Busy day in Bismarck? Data for wells coming off confidential list today not yet posted.

Weekly petroleum report, link here:
  • down a lot more than expected
  • down 4.14 million bbls
  • now at 432.4 million bbls
  • WTI immediately after report -- up 25 cents/bbl -- now at $66.54
  • refinery operating capacity way up: 95.7% -- highest I've seen in a long time
  • gasoline production crept up slightly; I use "10 million bbls/day" as the benchmark; most recent data, up to 10.5 million bbls/day
  • distillate fuel production crept up slightly; I use "5 million bbls/day" as the benchmark; most recent data, up to 5.1 million bbls/day
Netflix: lots of talk about Netflix this morning on Fox Business News --
  • Netflix has unique ability to stream content to individuals 
  • on a personal level: our daughter / son-in-law watch almost no "television" 
  • they subscribe to Netflix and a few other such outlets
  • Sophia only watches Netflix
    • when I come over to her house, I pick up the remote
    • press on the "Netflix" button
    • click on "Sophia" on the screen
    • up pops all the channels, series, and shows that are targeted specifically for Sophia
    • if I click on "Arianna," her older sister, a whole new set-up pops up
    • I then scroll through the channels, series, or shows, and Sophia points out what she wants to watch
    • and no ads
  • Netflix is really quite remarkable
  • "The Next Big Thing" began with Netflix many, many years ago
Sticky graphs: I post a lot of graphics on the blog, but recently this is the graphic that sticks in my mind -- this is a really, really remarkable graph and explains why Trump is turning away from the G7 and shifting to the east (China, Korea, Japan, Asia):

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