Thursday, March 1, 2018

UK Is Running Short Of Natural Gas; Apparently Huge WInter Storm To Hit New England This Weekend -- March 1, 2018; UK On Verge Of Running Out Of Natural Gas

Both of these stories are pretty big stories. I'm not exactly sure which is the bigger story. If the UK runs out of natural gas it could be devastating for those folks who have no heat. On the other hand, a lot of New England folks are already anticipating loss of homes due to what-appears-to-be an epic storm in the making.

Nor-eastern in New England. From the Weather Channel, and I quote: " Winter Storm Riley to Undergo Bombogenesis, Become an Intense Nor'easter With Coastal Flooding, High Winds and Heavy, Wet Snow in the East." That is all.

UK is running out of natural gas. From SeekingAlpha:
U.K. gas system operator National Grid issued a rare “gas deficit warning” earlier today, indicating the country could run out of natural gas because demand is running high amid unusually harsh weather conditions.
NGG estimates U.K. gas demand today of 404M cm, up from an initial forecast of 396M cm, while supply is forecast at just 376M cm; the system had opened more than 50M cm after an unplanned outage at the South Hook LNG facility added to other outages affecting domestic production.
The “Beast from the East” is the most severe winter storm seen in the U.K. and much of Europe in many years.
We talked about this earlier.  I think it was the winter of 2012 - 2013 or 2013 - 2014 that England came within 24 hours of running out of natural gas.

And here are the headlines:

Broadcasting From DriveNation Tonight

I wish all my friends and family could see "DriveNation." It's really quite amazing.

We've talked about it before.  It's a huge sports facility on the south side of the DFW airport. It appears to be designed with the same specifications as a hangar for a wide-body aircraft (Boeing 747; DC-10; Airbus; etc).

I'm on the second floor mezzanine overlooking eight basketball courts -- all in use.

Behind me is a full, indoor soccer field (a futsal field to be exact).

And right below me is a fast food restaurant with many, many healthy food choices. Our granddaughter's soccer team often practices here when the soccer fields are closed due to heavy rain.

The DFW area has recorded as much as 10" of rain in the past week or so. It looks like the weather is starting to dry up and Noah has put his plans to build an Ark on hold. We'll know later if that was the right call.

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