Monday, January 22, 2018

The Political Page, T+3 -- January 22, 2018 -- Can A Government Shutdown That Shuts Down For A Weekend Be Considered A "Shutdown"

Or how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? But I digress.

As noted earlier, the Schumer Shutdown lasted less than three days. The snowflakes are livid:
  • snowflakes on the far left are upset that the shutdown caused anxiety among the military, but blamed Trump -- not knowing, of course, with Trump in charge, the military had nothing to worry about
  • snowflakes on the far, far left, with no heart at all are livid with Sellout Schumer
So, is it Sellout Schumer or Shutdown Schumer?

I do have to agree that this is the shortest government shutdown in history, although some Italian governments have probably lasted less long. They're making it too easy. If a government shutdown results in a government shutdown over the weekend, can it be classified as a government shutdown? The government shuts down every weekend; every holiday; every calendar break.

Already, Sellout Schumer is threatening another government shutdown.

So, shut it down again, already.

By the way, there is a wiki entry for the Obama shutdown in 2013.

If there is no wiki entry for the Schumer shutdown in 2018 -- well, I guess it didn't happen.

Other thoughts:
  • for Schumer to have caved so quickly, the polling clearly showed that Trump and the GOP were not being blamed 
  • Heidi broke ranks on the first vote (Sunday); that vote failed to end the filibuster, but Heidi showed her hand; speaks volumes about how NoDaks feel about this subject, considering 99% of NoDaks can trace their heritage to legal immigrants that came through Ellis Island or Missouri/Iowa/Illinois via the mouth of the Mississippi River; NoDaks know the difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants (Castle Garden)
  • military being paid vs Dreamers being fast tracked? military wins every time
  • Dreamers thrown under the bus; strengthens Stephen Miller's hand; he had a full house; now he has a straight flush
  • other than Schumer, I can't think of anyone really fighting for the Dreamers; can you? Pocahonota? she has own problems
  • Schumer picked the wrong fight
  • Obama: "Schumer forgot to bring a gun to the knife fight"
Start at 3:30 for the gun fight:

Mexican Stand-Off, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

But as much as I like that one, I like this one better. The music is better, and the Jack Palance-Donald Trump metaphor is priceless:

Mexican Stand-Off, The Mercenary

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