Monday, July 31, 2017

The Market And Energy Page, T+192 -- July 31, 2017

WTI briefly goes above $50; then drops back. I guess we can close the poll in which we asked whether we would see $50-WTI before August 5, 2017 --
  • yes: 78%
  • no: 22%
Futures: wow! I wasn't paying attention. Last night Dow 30 futures started negative but improved early in the evening. Now I see Dow 30 futures up almost 70 points; Nasdaq futures up 16 points; and, even the S&P 500 is up nicely. Wow. 

US energy suppliers: North Dakota ranks fifth behind Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. North Dakota could very easily surpass both Pennsylvania and West Virginia to become #3. But, of course, that's where it will stop.

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