Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Energy And Market Page, Part II, T+181 -- July 20, 2017


Later, 9:46 a.m. Central Time: well, that didn't last long. Everything is down; some quite significantly. Must have happened after the jobs report was digested.

Original Post

Whoo-hoo! Kinder Morgan shares up 4% after company forecast dividend increase.

BK: earnings just came out. Whoo-hoo! No telling what shares will do, but BNY Mellon reported a profit boost from higher interest rates: net income rose 12 percent or 88 cents/share; forecast, 84 cents. BNY Mellon has $31.1 trillion in assets under custody. Compare: Vanguard now has $4.4 trillion in assets under management [note: this link is back in draft; it will be re-posted later] trailing only BlackRock Inc. in total size. [BK up 1.4% in pre-market trading.]

UNP: some profit taking yesterday brought UNP down 1.29%; today in pre-trading, UNP is up almost 2.5%. Another whoo-hoo. Quarterly report: EPS of $1.45 on revenue of $5.25 billion, topping estimates. Business volumes increased 5% with gains in coal, industrial productions, yada, yada, yada, according to Investor's Business Daily. Wow. Gains in coal transport: 20% -- making American great again. Nothing like a good regional monopoly with a huge moat. And can't be bought by Warren Buffett.

EW: up 2% yesterday and in pre-trading, up another half-percent today.

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Some of the above I hold; some I don't. The point I'm trying to make: seems to be a pretty good earnings season so far, and it's just gotten started. 


  1. And even some of Australia's liberals are beginning to go off the reservoir and break ranks with the renewables industry:

    --- Craig Kelly, Alan talks to the federal Liberal M.P about the energy crisis ---

    “If we look at the numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, on an average day in June or July, you have 500 people, Australians, die....

    “How in this nation we have such abundant coal, such abundant gas, such abundant uranium, a nation that is an energy superpower, how do you go about getting the world’s most expensive energy?”

    “The answer is simple, you go down the South Australian track and say ‘let’s have a 50 per cent renewable energy target’. You’d think we would be learning from South Australia, but instead, we’ve got Bill Shorten wanting to copy that for the entire nation.”

    1. Same is happening in Europe.

      Trump seems to be the one contrarian.

  2. Here's an incisive comment from one of the Australian blogs:

    "Just waiting for some NSW state minister to start talking about how high prices are actually a good thing, the market at work, providing incentive to invest in renewables...."

    1. Pretty funny .... I see those comments on the "green energy" blogs all the time .. that expensive energy is actually "good." LOL.

  3. Interview with Peter Strong, CEO of the Australia Council of Small Business, where he talks about how the high electricity prices have put small business persons in such dire straits....

    1. With the energy revolution in the US, the "gap" between the US and Europe will continue to widen. It has to scare the heck out of the Europeans ... assuming anyone is watching.