Monday, July 31, 2017

Perfect Juxtaposition -- The Political Page, T+192 -- July 31, 2017

I cannot make this up. I'm watching CNBC: this advertisement is cut short by about 10 seconds ...

.... for this breaking news: Anthony Scaramucci OUT as White Communications Director, right after President Trump tweets ...

White House. Not. In. Chaos.

Yes, I cannot make this up.

And, again, one must ask why Anthony Scaramucci even lasted one day after that interview? The scuttlebutt is that Jared and Ivanka recommended Scaramucci to the president.

Scaramucci was out of the job less than six hours after the new chief of staff was sworn in.

Progressive soap opera.

Last man standing: Bannon. [Ten minutes after posting the "last man standing: Bannon" I see this article was posted three hours ago by Axios: Bannon working to destroy Scaramucci. Wow. Time to re-watch the Progressive Insurance commercial above.]

The Americal Division

During all the above chaos, President Trump was on television, live, awarding a military medal to a Vietnam veteran. The citation mentioned the "Americal Division." That was so neat to hear, for me; it's been awhile since I've heard that mentioned.

I wrote about the Americal Division before.  My father-in-law served in that division. His father arrived illegally in the US and was returned to Mexico; my father-in-law, born in the US, was allowed to stay and was raised by his aunt. He served at the very end of WWII; in the Korean War; and served two tours in Vietnam. His Japanese wife, my mother-in-law finally had enough of all the moves and settled in southern California until he finished his last tour in Vietnam. They enjoyed southern California for many years after retiring after 30+ years in the US Army. 

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