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Burgos Shale Play -- Mexico -- Just Across The Texas Border -- RBN Energy -- July 12, 2017


July 12, 2017: be sure to read the first comment. I will add the Pimienta to the sidebar at the right under "other plays.'
Just one play, the Pimienta, spans 1,000 km and is between 50 and 100 km wide (27,000 sq. miles, 17 million acres). Rock quality is similar to the Eagle Ford, but it has "more than 200 m of gross shale thickness, double the typical Eagle Ford thickness in South Texas," the O&G Journal says.

"The Pimienta can be found in the volatile oil to wet gas windows (0.8-1.2%) and at optimal depths of 2-3.5 km. Porosity has been measured at a reasonably high 7%. Reservoir pressure often is high, reaching 50% over hydrostatic in places. The stress gradient has tested at a moderate 0.9 psi/ft, enabling good 3D fracturing systems during stimulation. Coupled with the vast prospective area, these are intriguing reservoir properties."
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RBN Energy: can Mexico spur gas production in its Burgos Shale play?
It may take a number of years to pan out, but Mexico is taking steps to accelerate the development of its natural gas-rich Burgos Shale region, which lies just across the Rio Grande from South Texas’s newly resurgent Eagle Ford play.
Today (July 12, 2017), Mexico’s SecretarĂ­a de EnergĂ­a (SENER) is expected to name the winners of a competitive bidding process for the rights to drill for natural gas within 1,500 square miles in the states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.
If the effort to juice Burgos drilling activity and production proves successful, it could affect how much natural gas Mexico needs to import from the U.S. Today we discuss the prospects for reversing gas production declines south of the border and the challenges that exploration and production companies (E&Ps) face in Mexico’s most promising shale play.

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