Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Agent Orange? Cell Phones? -- July 19, 2017

Just the other day I wrote about Senator McCain:
First, the surgery itself may be "minimally invasive" for someone else, but for McCain it certainly wasn't "minimally invasive." At least if this happened to me, I wouldn't call anyone drilling a hole in my cranium minimally invasive; it would be a "big deal."

Second, and worse, no one has talked about the underlying reason for a "small" blood clot to have been found. I would assume there was some underlying condition that led to the clot. If so, the question arises, are their other blood clots waiting to reveal themselves; is the underlying condition life-threatening (cancer is one of the leading causes of hypercoagulability)?
Today we learn that Senator McCain has a malignant brain tumor.

We should soon start hearing stories about a) Agent Orange; or, b) cell phones.

What happens next?
Hawaii and Arizona require the governor to appoint a temporary Senator from the party that the Senator who left office was from. So, for example, if Senator Mazie Hirono were to get a new job, the governor of Hawaii would appoint a Democrat to fill her spot. If a Senator from Arizona flaked out, the governor of Arizona would appoint a Republican, as both Senators from Arizona are Republicans. So there would not be a change in representation by party in the US Senate. 
This Surprised Me

This is an important look at Tesla. The "percentages" surprised me. 

This is how Motley Fool breaks out Tesla's revenues:
  • automotive: 85%
  • battery: 8%
  • services: 7%
I still think Tesla is a battery company disguised as an automotive company.

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