Friday, June 2, 2017

The Market Remains On A Tear, Despite ... -- June 2, 2017

Wow, wow, wow.
  • Trump destroyed the planet
  • May's US jobs report is atrocious
  • the Fed is still intent on raising rates
And what do we get? More records being set. On a Friday. Before going into a weekend.
  • S & P 500: up 6.61
  • Nasdaq: up 44.25
  • Dow 30: up 67.55
Steve Liesman over at CNBC is happy with
  • 1% growth
  • 120,000 new jobs each month (magic numbers)
  • the Fed raising rates
Trump will be happy with
  • 4% growth
  • 200,000 new jobs each month (magic numbers)
  • if the Fed just goes away along with the rest of the swamp
All things being equal, I tend to lean a bit more toward The Donald.

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