Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Poll -- May 17, 2017

As a rule I don't "do" non-energy, political polls. But this one caught my eye. Good, bad, or indifferent, what are your thoughts on a "special counsel" being appointed to investigate the "Russian thing." Poll at the sidebar at the right.

The Katie Ledecky Page
From NBC Sports, April 14, 2017: 
Katie Ledecky is using this week’s meet to start building toward the Tokyo Olympics in three years.
In her first meet in an Olympic-size pool since the Rio Games, Ledecky won the 400m freestyle in 4:01.01, the fastest time in the world this year by 1.51 seconds.
It’s the fastest time ever swum in the month of April — and Ledecky’s been coming to this April meet for five years. That’s a strong indicator that Ledecky is on track for the U.S. Championships in June and the world championships in July. She doesn’t seem tired at all from her first NCAA season at Stanford.
Notes From The Man-Cave

I'm debating whether I need a wide-screen television out here -- one of those humongous flat screens -- out here on my patio -- my man-cave.

I can watch anything I want, streaming cable television on my laptop. Right now I'm listening to "best instrumentals of all time." The UE Boom is truly incredible. But wide-screen television would be a hoot.

North Texas: clear skies; 88 degrees, feels like 84 degrees according to "weather channel."

Earlier Sophia and I were in the pool for two hours. We had to finally get out when her mother called and said it was time for her to come home. Wow, she's a lot of fun. (Sophia, not her mom. LOL.)

The highlight of the day for me was visiting the Kimbell Museum of Art in Ft Worth, special exhibit, the Phillips Collection. I came across a nice Frank Lloyd Wright book in the gift/book store there and will add it to my collection (Amazon, of course). The book gave me a great idea on how to "dispose" of our Stickley furniture when we are moved into an assisted nursing home.

This Amazon Prime is simply astounding. I forgot how convenient it was. I ordered the book, and just got an e-mail confirmation saying it would be here Friday (barely two days from now).

On a night like tonight and listening to some wonderful easy listening instrumentals, I am taken back to the wonderful months I spent in northern Yorkshire. One only goes through life one; make the most of it. 

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