Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DAPL Vs Port Of Vancouver -- Oh, How Sweet It Is -- March 1, 2017


March 8, 2017: Port Commission votes 2 - 1 to keep port project "viable". Up to state to determine whether it will be approved.  

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The Columbian has the story. If the DAPL becomes reality, is crude-by-rail to the west coast -- e.g., the Port of Vancouver -- dead?


  1. typical WA ST politics- Take a good business opportunity- Ignore, delay and stonewall it long enough and it will eventually go away.

    1. I was thinking about this on my daily bike ride. All things being equal, if pipelines go east and south, all things being equal, the West Coast will be importing more oil from Saudi Arabia or Russia, at their prices.

  2. Something else to consider, Bruce. I grew up outside of Vancouver and could never understand why gas prices in Portland/ Vancouver area was cheaper than in Seattle. Seattle is where all the oil is received for the NW.
    Using the rational that, the farther you have to truck the product the more expensive it gets, Gas in Seattle should be the cheapest in the region.
    The issue is understanding what the market will bare.
    Folks in Seattle are just willing to pay more than folks in Portland.
    But then, things have been upside down in the great Pacific NW for a long time now!

    1. Pretty funny ... you are correct. My daughter/son-in-law and one of my sisters all live in Portland -- I've always thought Portland might be a bit less "well-off" than Seattle.