Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Calling It A Day For Now -- Back Later -- January 27, 2015 ... But Before I Go ....

Just last week I said that 2015 "will be the year of [job] cutbacks." Today this headline: IBM plans biggest corporate lay-off in history and Forbes has the story.

Other headlines:
  • illegal released during deportation hearings now charged with murder; accused of killing store clerk over pack of cigarettes; freed on bond after prior burglary conviction
  • NYC blizzard? A snow job. NYC live cam shows almost no snow at the moment, 12 hours into the blizzard; update: #41 or a "weak" category 2;
  • stock market plunges
  • Patriots owner demands apology; this has to do with accusation the deflated footballs were used
  • phone company outraged by fraud, abuse uncovered ObamaPhone program
  • revealed: Russian oil firm tied to US "green movement". This has been previously reported: that foreign oil companies are funneling money to obstruct North American shale and Canadian oil sands
  • measles panic in California spreads (at least it's hard to catch)
Memo to self: place a "smiley face" here.

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