Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eight (8) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA; XTO Reports A Huge Well

Active rigs:

Active Rigs18518019917193

Eight (8) new permits -- 
  • Operators: BR (6), QEP, Ballard
  • Fields: Elidah (McKenzie), Grail (McKenzie)
  • Comments: BR permits are for a 6-well pad; Ballard has a permit for a wildcat in Bottineau County (and probably a Spearfish well)
Wells coming off the confidential list this long weekend have been posted; see sidebar at the right. EOG reported some spectacular wells.

In addition, there were eight (8) producing wells completed:
  • 25767, 531, CLR, Pierre 5-21H, Dollar Joe, t12/13; cum 8K 12/13;
  • 25766, 594, CLR, Madison 4-28H1, Dollar Joe, t12/13; cum 6K 12/13;
  • 25765, 848, CLR, Madison 5-28H, Dollar Joe, t12/13; cum 7K 12/13;
  • 25478, 528, CLR, Malcolm 2-20H1, Sauk, t1/14; cum --
  • 25479, 487, CLR, Malcolm 3-20H, Sauk, t2/14; cum --
  • 25480, 261, CLR, Malcolm 4-20H1, Sauk, t2/14; cum --
  • 23875, 662, CLR, Juneau 2-11H,  Brooklyn, t12/13; cum 14K 12/13;
  • 25549, 3,264, EXTO, Marlene 42X-20G, Blue Buttes, t2/14; cum -- 
This is an interesting name change:
  • 26850, QEP, Otis 4-28-33BHR (was Otis 29-32-28-33LL)
For newbies, this is what a "sweet spot" looks like. First, the Elidah oil field:

The cluster of new permitted sites really, really stands out. Now, zoom in on sections 10 and 15:

[The following day, February 19, 2014, BR announced six more permits for this immediate area, including three more Haymaker wells and a Bullrush well.]

The completed wells in this screenshot:
  • 18380, 1,798, BR, Bullrush 24-10H, Elidah, t2/10; cum 235K 12/13;
  • 18798, 3,700, BR, Haymaker 21-15H, Elidah, t9/10; cum 200K 12/13;
  • 25005, 2,913, BR, Bullrush 44-10TFH, Elidah, t6/13; cum 58K 12/13; no pump;

By the way, completely unrelated, here's a screenshot of a sweet spot in Johnson Corner:

These are all three- or four-well pads in Johnson Corner, northeast McKenzie County, near Watford City. These are all Burlington Resources wells, Norman and Denali wells on each of the four pads.

For all the activity (four rigs on four pads), it is interesting that there are not many existing wells in the immediate area.
  • 17680, 463, BR, Denali 31-28H, t2/09; cum 125K 12/13; no pump; 
  • 18225, 625, BR, Norman 1-9H, t1/10; cum 140K 12/13;
  • 18047, 1,620, BR, Teton 21-3H, t9/10; cum 128K 12/13;
Lots of "seed corn" being planted as they say in Iowa.

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