Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Stories For The Fun Of It: The Growler; The World Trade Center

I first became acquainted with the growler in 2011 or thereabouts while visiting Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Now a huge WSJ article:
The craft beer craze isn't slowing down, and as the number of breweries grows, so has the popularity of growlers—64-ounce reusable jugs that can be filled to take off the premises. With growlers, you get fresh beer. Often it is beer that is not available in bottles or cans. And you get it in a local, environmentally friendly way.
"I've come to realize that beer from the tap is better than beer from the bottle, and this is the only way of bringing the tap flavor home," says Jonathan Garonce, who last week filled a growler with Goose Island IPA from a beer tap station at a Duane Reade drugstore on New York's Upper West Side. Mr. Garonce owns two growlers, which he refills whenever he's having friends over. He also owns a smaller, 32-ounce growler, sometimes called a growlette.
So many opportunities for young entrepreneurs. 

And then this incredible story, also at the WSJ:
When I heard that Patrick Acton had made a soaring model of the new World Trade Center for Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Times Square—out of 468,000 matchsticks and 17 gallons of glue, the enterprise taking him 2,100 hours—I felt I had to meet the guy.
I suspected we were kindred spirits, even though I'd never attempt such a feat. If I did, it would be doomed to certain failure. I doubt I could make anything out of matchsticks except a fire, and even that only after striking the box a half-dozen times.

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