Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Update: Netflix; San Antonio Spurs Into The 2013 NBA Finals

A Note To The Granddaughters

[Update, later, 11:20 pm: as noted below, I followed through with plans to walk to the Sports Bar -- a 12-minute walk. Watched the San Antonio Spurs sweep the Grizzlies. In fine style. Into the NBA finals.]

Flashback to March 21, 2013. Sometimes I wish I took my own advice. Smile. Since then the stock has soared.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or what you think you read here. 

I don't have a television. In the move, I gave our big television and the DVD player to the movers. I also gave away the smaller, very old (ancient) set. But without cable (and no antenna-over-the-airway access) the television was not much use. I've been watching a lot of DVD's on an Apple monitor. I had forgotten how crisp, clean, the videos are on the Apple monitor. And it's a huge monitor, an easy replacement for a television.

For sports, it's a 12-minute walk to the nearest sports bar, where I watched, last night: a) NASCAR Coca-Cola 600; b) LA Kings lose to San Jose Sharks in hockey; and, c) Miami beat the Pacers. Tonight I will wander back to the sports bar and watch the San Antonio Spurs, who lead the series 3-0, one game away from the NBA finals.

However, once we get moved into our new apartment, I will buy a large flat-screen "smart" television. The Samsung "smart TV" is absolutely incredible, and my hunch is that Apple's iTV is even better.

The big decision will be whether to get cable television. My wife will probably want it, but I think I could do without it. And Netflix is the reason why.

Netflix is bringing back "Arrested Development."

Other reasons I don't need television:

Lian Lunson wrote and produced "Leonard Cohen: I"m Your Man," a documentary.

Lian Lunson's "Boom Boom Room" is in pre-production. If it lives up to her Leonard Cohen documentary, it's going to be an indie blockbuster.

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