Thursday, March 21, 2013

Speaking About the Weather, Here's a Story on Clouds ....

.... MacRumors is reporting:
Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match are the most frequently used cloud media services, with a combined usage total of 27%. 
Other "clouds" were not even close, including one that has not worked all that well for me, Dropbox, which came in second. (How many readers have even heard of "Dropbox"?)

Third was Amazon's cloud.

Fourth was Google, and after that, almost not worth reporting. Be that as it may:
Apple: 27%
Dropbox: 17%
Amazon: 15%
Google: 10%
Ultraviolet: 4%
Samsung Music Hub: 3%
OnLive: 3%
LG Cloud: 2%
Gaikai: 2%
I assume Gaikai came in at the bottom because it was a telephone poll and no one knew how to say (or wanted to say) "Gay Kay."

By the way, I dropped "Dropbox" because of its difficulty to use and poor results. That was sometime ago; maybe they have improved. "Gay Kay" is intriguing, to say the least. A Mary Kay "cloud"?