Sunday, December 16, 2012

Random Note On Another Clarks Creek Oil Field Well -- The Bakken, Williston Basin

This is quite incredible. A reader sent this in as a comment after the update of EOG Clarks Creek oil wells in Clarks Creek and Antelope oil fields.
Keep an eye out for EOG's Hawkeye 100-2501H. Only one well out of two has been completed on that pad. Production wise it will be double of the Clark Creek wells. It was also the largest job in terms of lbs of sand and stages that I have heard of. 
This well is still confidential, but look at the production runs to date, confirming the reader's note:
  • 22486, conf, EOG, Hawkeye 100-2501H, Clarks Creek oil field, Three Forks, 75K in less than two months; no IP yet; it won't come off the confidential list until March 18, 2013.
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

 Every time I think I can end the day of blogging about the Bakken, something else seems to come in that "blows me away." This certainly is such an occasion. I can't wait to see the file report after the well comes off the confidential list. 75,000 bbls in less than two months.


    BEAR DEN 103-21H NWNE 21 150 94 MCK 21688 - - - 17150 - 0
    BEAR DEN 104-2116H NWNE 21 150 94 MCK 21689 - - - 18395 - 0
    BEAR DEN 19-2116H NWNE 21 150 94 MCK 20577 - - - 15492 - 0
    BEAR DEN 18-21H NWNE 21 150 94 MCK 20578 - - - 22546 - 0
    TOTAL : 4 wells - - - 73583 - 0
    POOL TOTAL : 4 wells - - - 73583 - 0

    These SHORT laterals are in the sections directly to the east of our long laterals in the unit with sec. 8,17,19,20

    Feel blessed to have EOG as our driller!!!!!

    1. Wow, that is superb. It appears that October, 2012, is the first month of production. I checked September and these wells did not show up. If so, it's possible the first full month will be even higher, and then, of course, a decline over time.

      The spacing if very interesting. The NDIC GIS map shows that these four wells are sited in the middle of a 1280-acre spacing unit. Where they are sited it makes sense that they are short laterals.

      It's possible there is a case pending for 640-acre spacing, but right now it looks like these short laterals sit on 1280-acre spacing, but I could be reading something incorrectly.