Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Look At One Township in Little Knife Oil Field

A reader mentioned that there were still five spacing units not held by production in this township, 147-97, if I did not misinterpret the comment, which is always possible.

Looking at the NDIC GIS map that is true, but there are enough wells on confidential status to suggest the remaining spacing units will be held by production soon, if not already. There are "no" dry wells in the Bakken.

Anyway, it gave me an excuse to look at the wells in section 10-147-97, which I thought would have been all BR. But it turns out, there is a Hess-operated 3-well pad, all wells on confidential.

So, here's a look at the wells in section 10-147-97:
  • 18576, 1,190, BR, Concord 24-10H, t2/11; cum 109K t51/13; ~ 20 stages;
  • 23058, 860, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-2, t1/13; cum 66K 5/13;
  • 23059, 644, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-3, t1/13; cum 49K 5/13;
  • 23060, conf, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-4, t2/13; cum 62K 5/13;
  • 22210, 1,920, BR, Concord 34-10MBH, t9/12; cum 87K 5/13;
  • 21454, 2,846, BR, Concord 44-10MBH, t9/12; cum 69K 5/13; 30 stages; 3.5 million lbs;
The three-well pad (#23058, #23059, and #23060) is an illustrative case for newbies. This pad is sited well inside section 10, but based on the names of the wells, all wells will be drilling south into the 1280-acre spacing unit south of section 10. Mineral owners with acres in section 10 won't participate in royalties from these wells. All three wells will be running south.

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