Friday, August 31, 2012

Hyperbole Or Some Legitimacy To This Unbridled Enthusiasm?

Link here.
“We’re starting to see the evidence of real oil wells,” he said. “The reservoir is flowing oil in commercial quantities.”

Based on the early results from Marlboro Township, drilling in eastern Ohio’s Utica shale formation might surpass the much-touted Eagle Ford shale in Texas, Houser said.

“The Frank well actually looks better than very early stage Eagle Ford wells,” he said.

Until recently, Carroll and Harrison counties were Ohio’s Utica shale drilling hot spots for natural-gas liquids. Now drillers are looking a little farther west in a search that probably will bring increasing interest in an area, called a window, under the ground of Stark, Tuscarawas, Guernsey and Noble counties.
This is in Stark County, Ohio.  Not to be confused with Stark County in North Dakota.

A big "thank you" to "anon 1" for alerting me to this link.

My hunch: thinking Buckeyes won't want to ban fracking. And they won't want the Feds butting in.

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