Thursday, March 15, 2012

CO2 Shortage -- Impacting Oil Production

Link here.
Not only is the oil and gas industry booming in the Permian Basin, new technologies are emerging that will allow producers to get to oil that was otherwise inaccessible less than 20 years ago.

And these technologies, particularly the use of carbon dioxide to get to previously unattainable crude-oil reservoirs located in “residual oil zones,” could signal the next gold rush and keep the area booming for decades to come.
A very interesting link. 


  1. Minnesota Public Radio posted this article today that shows a couple satellite images of the Bakken.

    It was amazing to me that they didn't bash oil in this article like they usually do.

  2. I have posted the photo(s) from space some time ago. Nice to have another reminder for folks who did not see it the first time around.

  3. Build more of those lignite fired power plants North Dakota. Capture the CO2 for EOR in the Williston Basin. While you are at expand the synthetic gas production into LNG and send it to the Pacific rim nations. Another source for CO2 capture.

    Wow North Dakota is becoming a energy power house

  4. Yes, there has been talk about exactly that. Funny how things work out.