Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Enerplus Pads

I'm sure I've missed a bunch, but this is a good start.

Bush Wells (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Butterfly/Tortoise/Turtle Pads (Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish) -- incredibly good wells

Cactus Pad (Enerplus, Heart Butte) 

Cat Wells (Enerplus, Mandaree and Moccasin Creek oil fields)

"Cloudy" Wells (ERF, Eagle Nest)

Courage, Honor, Pride, Grace Wells (Enerplus, Spotted Horn)

Daffy Duck Pad (Enerplus, McGregory oil field)

Fox Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree oil field)

Game Fish Pad (Enerplus, Squaw Creek)

Geo Features (Enerplus, Antelope)

Greek Gods (Enerplus, Mandaree) 

Hearty Breakfast (Enerplus, Antelope)

Heavy Metal Pad #l (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Heavy Metal Pad #2 (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Igneous Rock Pad (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Lizard Pad (Enerplus, Antelope oil field)

Metamorphic Rock Pad (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek) 

Mountain Peaks (Enerplus, Eagle Nest)

National Parks Pad (Enerplus, Eagle Nest)

Owl Pad (Enerplus, McGregory Buttes/Moccasin Creek)

Patriot Pad (Enerplus, Spotted Horn)

Pepper Pad (Enerplus, McGregory Buttes)

Pitcher's Pad/Tennis Pad (Enerplus, Heart Butte, Dunn County) -- I'll get back to this one later, see first comment.

Precipitation Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Quilt Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Snake Pad (Enerplus, Antelope)

Spider Pad (Enerplus, Heart Butte)

Storm Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree)

String Instrument Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree oil field)  

Tailor Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Tortoise/Turtle/Butterfly Pads (Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish) -- incredibly good wells

Warrior Pad (Enerplus, Spotted Honor, huge wells)

Wild Flower Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree oil field)

Wild Kingdom Pad (Enerplus, multiple adjoining fields) 

Winter Fur Pad (Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish)


  1. Pitch Pad (Enerplus, Heart Butte)

    1. Oooohhh...that's so awesome. I completely missed that one ... I seem to remember one of the wells but had forgotten the pad ... thank you so much.... I will add it to the list.