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Families: G - M

 Density Projects


G. Levang Wells (QEP/Helis Grail) 

Gale / Rodney (CLR, Cedar Coulee)

"Game Fish" Pad (Enerplus, Squaw Creek)

Gariety / Syverson Wells (Newfield, Siverston)

Gene / JCB Wells (Hess, Truax)

Geo Features (Enerplus, Antelop)

Gibb (CLR, Beaver Lodge)

Gilfer Wells (Whiting, Epping)
Glacier Wells (BR, Clear Creek)

Goliath Wells (Newfield, Siverston)

Good Voice / Benson Pad (WPX, Squaw Creek)

Gordon Federal Wells (CLR, Haystack Butte) 

Goth Pad (MRO, Bailey Oil Field)

Greek Gods (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Grizzly Wells (WPX, Spotted Horn)

Gudbranson Wells (Hess, Elm Tree)

Gudmunson Wells (BR, Elidah; one CLR Gudmunson well)

Gunderson Wells (Equinor, Banks)

Gunslinger Federal Wells (Slawson, Sand Creek) 

HA-Dahl Wells (Hess, Hawkeye)

HA-Grimestad Wells (Hess, Hawkeye)

HA-Mogen Wells (Hess, Hawkey)

HA-Nelson Wells (Hess, Hawkeye)

Hagen Banks Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Halliday Wells (Hunt, Wolf Bay oil field)

Hammerhead Wells (BR, Sand Creek)

Hanover Federal Wells (Oasis, Willow Creek)

Hartman Wells (CLR, density 660-project, Chimney Butte, Dunn County); random update here

Hawkeye Wells (EOG, Clarks Creek, Antelope area)

Hawkinson Wells (CLR, Oakdale oil field)

Haymaker - Bullrush (BR, Elidah oilfield)

HBU Marmon Federal (XTO, Hofflund Creek oil field)

HBU Muller / Muller (XTO Hofflund oil field)

Heavy Metal Pad #l (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Heavy Metal Pad #2 (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Helena Ruth Grant Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Helling Trust (Oasis, Alkali Creek)

Helsingborg Federal Wells (Newfield, Sand Creek)

Hendrickson Wells (CLR, Elm Tree)

Hereford Wells (CLR, Elm Tree)

Hidatsa North (WPX, Reunion Bay)

H M Hove Wells (XTO, West Capa, Williams County)

Hobart Wells (Kraken, Oliver oil field, Williams County)

Hoffman Wells (Newfield, Siverston Oil Field)

Holstein Federal (CLR, Elm Tree)

Honolulu Wells (CLR, Indian Hill)

Hunter Wells (Slawson, Big Bend)

Hunter Wells (Zavanna, Foreman Butte, far west McKenzie County)

Hysted Wells (Oasis, Camp, one well with 20 million lbs frack)

Igneous Rock Pad (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Iron Horse Wells (BR, Union Center) 

Jack Wells (CLR, Murphy Creek)

Jack/Ruth Wells (Equinor, East Fork)

Jake Wells (Equinor, Last Chance)

Jamestown Federal Wells (CLR, Banks)

JCB / Gene Wells (Hess, Truax)

Jerome Wells (BR, North Fork) 

Jersey Wells (see Linbeck wells below) -- 30 wells in Alkali oil field

Johnsrud Wells (Oasis, Siverston)

Johnsrud Wells (XTO, Bear Den)

Johnston Wells (Equinor, Banks) 

Jones Wells, Section 15-150-95 (QEP, Grail)

Joplin Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Jore Federal (White Butte, Clarks Creek)

Jorgenson Federal Wells (Newfield, Lost Bridge) 

Jorgenson Federal Wells (Oasis, Bear Den) 

Kaiser-Francis Sanish Wells, Section 4-143-92 

Kannianen Wells (Whiting, Sanish)

Kate Wells (CLR, Big Gulch)

Kellogg Federal (Oasis, Banks)

Kennedy-Miles Pad (CLR, Dimmick Lake)

Kermit / Rink Wells (BR, Pershing)

Kings Canyon / Teton Wells (BR, Camel Butte oil field)

Kjorstad Wells (Oasis, Willow Creek)

Klamm Wells (XTO, Siverston)

Knoshaug Wells (Statoil, Avoca)

Koala Wells (KOG, Poe Field)

The Kraken Pads (two pads; Kraken Operating, Epping oil field) 

Kramer Wells (Ovintiv, Siverston)

Krieger Wells (XTO, Alkali Creek)

Kukla Wells (CLR, Chimney Butte)

Kulczyck Wells (XTO, Alkali Creek)

Lansing Wells (CLR, Banks oil field)

Lassey Wells (Whiting, Glass Bluff)

Lavern Wells (XTO, Capa oil field)

Lawlar Wells (multiple fields, multiple operators)

Lawlar Wells (Oasis, North Tobacco Garden, section 23-151-99)

Lawrence Wells (CLR, North Tioga)

Lawrence Bull Wells (WPX, South Fork)

LCU Jessie/Truman Wells (CLR, Long Creek, CLR's 60-well project)

LCU Truman/Jessie Wells (CLR, Long Creek, CLR's 60-well project)

Liberty LR (Long Reach) (EOG, Parshall)

Liberty LR (Long Reach) -- East Side (EOG, Parshall)

Lightning Federal Wells (Slawson, Big Bend) 

Lillibridge Wells (Abraxas, Pershing oil field)

Lillibridge Wells (BR, Blue Buttes, Johnson Corner oil fields)

L-M-O-2P Wells (MRO, the Little Owl pad, Reunion Bay)

Limousin Wells, CLR, Lot 3 3-152-93, Sanish oil field

Linbeck Wells (CLR, 6-153-94, Alkali Creek) -- See Jersey wells above

Link Wells (Whiting, Foreman Butte)

Lion Wells (WPX, Mandaree oil field)

Lite Wells (Oasis, Sanish)

Little Muddy wells (Nine Point Energy, Williston oil field) 

Little Owl Pad (MRO, L-M-O-2P wells, Reunion Bay)

Little Pete Federal Wells (XTO, Bear Creek)

"Lizard" Pad (Enerplus, Antelope oil field)

Lizzie Rae Wells (Sinclair, Lone Butte)

Long Creek Unit (LCU) (CLR, Long Creek oil field)

Loomer Wells (XTO, Newfield, Tobacco Garden)

Lost Bridge Federal Wells (Newfield, Lost Bridge)

L-O-T-V Pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Lovaas Wells (BR, Blue Buttes)

Lougheed Wells (Statoil, Todd)

Lucy Evans Wells (WPX, Antelope-Sanish)

Lundberg Federal Wells (CLR, Rattlesnake Point, Jim Creek)

Lundin Wells (XTO, Siverston)

2M-P-R-2T Wells (MRO, Bailey)

Mack Wells (CLR, Antelope)

Maddy Federal Wells (XTO, North Fork)

Makowsky Wells (CPEUSC, Ellisville)

Mandaree, Mandaree South Wells (EOG, WPX, ERF; Squaw Creek, Spotted Horn, Reunion Bay)

Mandaree Warrior (WPX, Squaw Creek)

Marcia Wells (Equinor, Last Chance)

Mandan North Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Mark Wells (Statoil, Williston) 

Mark Sandstrom Pad (MRO, B-C-G-K-MS-N pad, Reunion Bay)

Maryland Wells (CLR, Catwalk)

Mathistad Wells (BR, Croff)

Matthew Schmidt Wells (Lime Rock Resoures/OXY USA, Cabernet)

McNamara Wells (Whiting, Sanish)

Merton Wells (BR, North Fork)

Metamorphic Rock Pad (Enerplus, Moccasin Creek)

Midnight Run Wells (BR, Union Center)

Mildred Wells (CLR, Brooklyn, along with Rennerfeldt wells)

Mildred Nelson Wells (Oasis, Elidah oil field)

Miles-Kennedy Pad (CLR, Dimmick Lake)

Missouri-South Missouri Wells (Nine Point Energy, Eightmile)

Mittlestadt Wells (CLR, Chimney Butte); the halo effect of fracking

Moberg Wells (Grail oil field)

Monroe Wells (CLR, Banks oil field) 

Monson Pad (MRO, "the A-C-I-K-L-M-R" pad, Antelope)

Mork Trust (Whiting, Pleasant Hill oil field)

Morris/Carson Peak Wells (CLR, Oakdale)

Mountain Gap Wells (CLR, Rattlesnake Point)

Muller / HBU Muller (XTO Alkali Creek oil field)

Muri Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Muskrat Federal Wells (Slawson, Van Hook / Big Bend)


The Skaar Federal, Tarpon Federal, and Flatland Federal wells.  There is no guarantee these postings will stay up "forever" and they certainly may not be updated.

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