Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Tease: Connecting The Dots -- January 13, 2021

Later, when I get caught up, I'm going to connect the Covid-19 crisis in the US with the surge in electricity prices in Japan.


Yes, there's a connection ... if one thinks way outside the box.

I'll get back to later  -- later -- maybe. Probably not.

big freeze exposes Asia's underlying energy crisis, John Kemp, Reuters, January 14, 2021;


I saw this after hours -- JNJ jumped several dollars after hours, then dropped back. Have no idea why. Let's see what the news was. Headlines:

  • JNJ dips on reports its Covid vaccine is two months behind schedule; 35 minutes ago;
  • New York pleads for more Covid-19 vaccine as daily US death toll hits record; two hours ago;
  • JNJ's Covid-19 vaccine should hopefully show over 80% effectiveness; three hours ago;

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Shake Shack surged. 

TGT his an all-time intra-day high before pulling back.

Tell Me Again TSLA Is Overpriced

Link here.

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