Friday, January 8, 2021

$2,000 Per Adult, $2,000 Per Child? -- January 8, 2021


Later, 1:26 p.m. CT: I just happened to catch Biden's live speech announcing the rest of his cabinet. I think he's going to impress a lot of folks -- good, bad, or indifferent. I don't listen to political speeches as a rule, so it was interesting to hear Biden speak. I could never listen to an Obama speech (too many "I's") and after his early speeches, I never listened to any of Trump's speeches. But for various reasons, I will probably listen to Biden's "live" speeches for the next few months. If nothing else, Biden comes across as calming, self-effacing, and measured. If Biden doesn't tweet his thoughts, the only way we will "know him" unfiltered by the press is listening to his "live" speeches, and watching his actions. [By the way, "Manchin" is walking back his remarks suggesting that he is against "$2,000 checks." He obviously didn't get the memo that was Biden was about to speak. "Manchin" now says he is "open" to "$2,000 checks. LOL.] Biden re-emphasized that his "Covid recovery plan" or whatever it's called will run into the "trillions of dollars."

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I've completely lost the bubble on this one. I don't recall the details of the original "$2,000" plan; I'm barely aware of the new "$600" plan.

So, I about fell out of my chair when a talking head for a major financial firm mentioned on CNBC this morning that his firm anticipates the Biden administration will authorize $2,000 for every person which includes $2,000 for every child in any household earning less than .... the number was not stated but if it's for any individual earning less than $150,000 / year this is huge. Think about that. 

$2,000 for a family may not be much, but a typical family of five -- a couple with three children -- think about that -- that's $10,000 for some families. This is more money most folks will ever see in one check in their entire lifetime. 

What surprises me and what irritates me most about this is this: did Mitch McConnell not know who was going to become president January 20th? Schumer and Pelosi will get credit for this $10,000 check and President Biden's signature (along with Bernie's) will be on the check. Not Trump's. Not Mnuchen's. I don't get it. 

By the way, maybe someone can help me with some datelines and timelines.

When is the new US Congress sworn in? It was my understanding that it is the first weekday in January. If so, we have a new US Congress. Who is the US Senate majority leader? The races have been determined in Georgia. 

The US Senate majority leader sets determines the calendar. I assume the first order of business is for the US Senate to vote for a new majority leader.

Trump may want to get those pardons signed this weekend. 

Remember When It Was Just $2 Trillion?



    don't be as gullible as the progressives...that was GA runoff politician sleaziness at it's finest.

    1. This is very much like poker. I have to work with the hand I'm dealt, and right now the hand that has been dealt: both the US House and the US Senate have "blue" majorities, though very slight in both cases, and the midterm elections two years from now. Senate rules are different than the House rules. I have no idea who is "really" managing the Senate right now.

      Biden is "live" right now, speaking in Delaware (no mask) and it certainly sounds like he's not backing down on his prior support for a bigger stimulus immediately.

      So, we'll see.

  2. I used to enjoy your blog for content, humor, and an escape from politics. If you’re going to comment on politics, please do a little bit of research first. Until then, thanks for your past insight and good luck in the future. I gotta move on.