Saturday, November 21, 2020

Notes From All Over -- Saturday Edition -- November 21, 2020

College football: evangelical Christian college is #1 in the nation. The WSJ.

Chinese flu:

  • out of control; second wave; way worse than first wave;
  • at least two vaccines reported to have 95% efficacy; public not buying the claims;
  • time to re-look at Sweden -- not doing so well -- look at that second wave -- oh,oh;
  • active cases starting to drop in North Dakota; at least 120 nurses brought in to help staffing shortages; much of the staffing shortages self-inflicted;


  • their new chips: a revolution

Running out of fingers and toes: EV manufacturers.


New oil discoveries; wrap-up for 2020:

Can women lead? Young Europeans weigh in.

Market commentary: a stock market bubble? It's more like a fire.

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