Saturday, November 21, 2020

Chinese Flu Watch: Three Things To Note This Week -- November 21, 2020

First, new "ranking" of states with most active new cases. Wyoming moves to second, South Dakota moves down one to third place. Most surprising? Minnesota is now fourth. Oh, oh. Link here.

Second, Sweden's second wave is seriously worse than its first phase. Ouch. Link here. Setting filter to "two days ago," Sweden jumped to #19 in world rankings with regard to number of new cases, and this is not per capita, which would make it even worse. Link here. Interesting: ZeroHedge not bothering to point this out. Doesn't fit its narrative.

Third: deaths per capita, link here, filter set to "yesterday," North Dakota remains at the #8 position. South Dakota jumps to #14. Total cases per capita, again, filter set to "yesterday, link here, North Dakota is #1 and trending toward 10% penetration (good, if one wants herd immunity). [Note: the links may take you to the same page; if so you have to re-filter for the data.] But look at this, the mask mandate put into effect in North Dakota this past week already paying dividends:

Recently Discovered

My sister came across this photograph of our dad, undated. He may have been 16 years old. You think? Maybe fourteen years old. Maybe eighteen. One wonders about the camera, the photographer. This would have been in 1936 or thereabouts outside Newell, SD, one of the remotest places on earth. then and now.

In his lifetime, he saw more changes than I will ever, ever see. He was in the US Navy during WWII and experienced much more in life than I will ever, ever experience.

It's hard to believe that at this age, and younger, he was able to handle a team of four horses. Look at the size of his left hand. I did not know, until now, he had a dog. It doesn't surprise me. I just didn't know. What makes me think that his middle school and high school years were so much more rewarding than what I experienced?

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