Thursday, October 8, 2020

One Wonders How Fast Biden/Harris Would/Will Reverse This Metric -- The US Is A Huge Polluter, A Huge Contributor To Global Warming According To Both -- October 8, 2020

This might be the first thing Biden/Harris need to do to reverse to get Chinese off oil: ban US oil exports. 

But until they do, it's quite a story, quite a record. In just three years went from "956" to #3,267" or a 3.4x-fold jump in production. Is this a 340% jump in exports over three years. Whatever.

US crude oil imports, link here  


As Kamala herself said: you can't believe a thing I say (that was with Stephen Colbert). 

The good news: no thinking US Senator would listen to Kamala. This was pure entertainment for the unenlightened. I didn't watch the debate but I doubt her  opponent cared one way or the other was Kamala said.  Link here:

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