Friday, September 11, 2020

Fast And Furious -- Fifteen Minutes -- September 11, 2020

Theme for the day: perhaps the second wave of Covid-19 was not the big worry. The big worry: the second wave of bankruptcies.

If this doesn't scare you, nothing will scare you: Joe Biden's tax plan.

I am going to clear out my in-box. Just the headlines, links now. I will come back to the stories later if the spirit moves me. The items below are just a handful of what I could have posted. So much is happening right now, it's hard to keep up. 

  • The number one international story right now is the existential crisis facing the House of Saud.
  • The number one Covid-19 story right now: Sweden defeats the virus.
  • The number one "business" story in the US, perhaps globally, right now, concerns EVs.
  • The number two "business" story right now: anticipation of the September 15, 2020, Apple event.
    • Best video today: Apple's Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore opens Thursday. Link here.


  • women's semifinals tennis last night: incredible; some of the best sports I've seen in a long, long time; well at least since last week's FedEx PGA tournament; Serena Williams played her heart out; despite what announcers said, she did not have an injury; it's an old trick; will not advance
  • NFL football opener: a real -- how should I say this? -- a real dud; embarrassing;

And a moment of silence for victims of "9/11"  -- September 11, 2001.

So, let's get started

  • BP moves into offshore wind for the first time with a new strategic partnership with Equinor. Link here. And, here, Barron's paywall
  • ExxonMobil may need $15 billion in debt to service the dividend. Link here.
  • OXY warrants hit their all-time low this week: $2.33. Link here. Dropped over 10% yesterday.
  • EIA raises 2020 oil price forecasts for Brent and WTI. Link here
  • one of the world's oldest LNG deals is unraveling. Link here.
  • Century 21 files for bankruptcy. Never in a million years did I see this coming. Link here.
  • A scary number of retail companies are facing bankruptcy. Link here.
  • the mall meltdown is underway. Link here.
  • Peloton making some very, very interesting moves right now. Link here. Something doesn't add up or Peloton is striking while the iron is hot, as they say.
  • Warren Buffett makes rare move; invests in IPO; Snowflake. Link here. There's a bigger story here, a much bigger story here. This is incredible. 
  • fast food drive-thrus get a new shape up in coronavirus world. Google it.
  • FWIW: atmospheric CO2 for August, 2020, posted September 9, 2020 comes in at 412.55. Link here. A year ago? See this link.
  • A solar minimum is coming. No, it's not going to mess up the world, but if it does, Rachel will blame Trump. Link here.

A special section on EVs:

  • short seller compares Nikola to Theranos; intricate fraud built on dozens of lies. Link here.
  • a long-term Tesla bull -- and still a Tesla bull -- says the Tesla stock crash targets $75. Link here.
  • Tesla plans to start shipping out cars made in Shanghai gigafactory. Link here.
  • Tesla rises as UBS doubles price target ahead of "Battery Day." Link here.
  • making money from regulatory credits. Link here.  Previously posted.
  • S&P passed on Tesla because it was profoundly overvalued," -- analyst. Link here

A special section on Wuhan flu:

  • dead virus cells frequently trigger "false positives" in most common Covid test. Link here.
  • most promising Covid vaccine study put on hold, due to one adverse reaction. Previously posted.
  • Sweden defeats the virus. Previously posted.most egregious story: that hit-piece on the Sturgis Rally; no facts to back it up; statistics prove different story; previously posted;

Okay, that's it. My fifteen minutes are up.

Photo of the day: someone climbed this tree on Interstate 90 in northern Idaho and posted this flag complete with a solar light. 


  1. Check this article from

    BTW, IMHO all of the EV companies are overvalued. With or without breakthrough battery. Too many players that will try for market share via lower price.

    1. With regard to the superbattery, companies like Apple, Sony, Toyota, Honda, GE, GM, and countless start-ups have poured a gazillion dollars into this research for more then thirty years and still nothing.

      From the last paragraph in that article:

      That is pretty good news as many prepare for the electric era where energy storage will be a priority. However, there is still quite a long way to go from discovering how superstorage works to putting this discovery into practice, making much denser batteries.

      When it happens, they will have to re-write a lot of college physics and chemistry textbooks.