Saturday, October 12, 2019

Shooting Fish In A Barrel -- October 12, 2019

The Bakken is simply staggering. I do this for myself and for newbies. Regular readers know the drill.

In this case, I simply went back to the wells that came off the confidential list in 4Q13 -- six years ago, and simply went through them one-by-one until I got bored. Well after well showed a jump in production, and the jumps were not subtle. In the past fifteen minutes, these wells updated. Again, these are "old" wells by Bakken standards -- completed six years ago, and now show a bigger jump in production than the original completion in most (if not all) cases:
  • 24771, Petro-Hunt, Colgan; from 400 bbls/month to 1,200 bbls/month;
  • 24739, Bruin, Antelope-Sanish, from 1,000 bbls/month to 43,000 bbls/month (no typo);
  • 24738, Bruin, Antelope-Sanish, from 2,000 bbls/month to 21,000 bbls/month;
  • 24737, Bruin, Antelope-Sanish, from 2,000 bbls/month to 20,000 bbls/month; 
  • 24338, Bruin, McGregory Buttes, from 4,000 bbls/month to 13,000 bbls/month;
  • 25191, QEP, Poncho 3-3-10BH, from 3,000 bbls/month to 22,000 bbls/month;
Remember, the costs are minimal compared to a greenfield well. And, the operator knows he/she will strike oil.

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