Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Shaleprofile.com Estimates North Dakota August, 2019, Production Up 2%, Month-Over-Month; Legacy Well Production Will Add More -- October 15, 2019

My hunch is that Shaleprofile.com estimates their numbers on pretty good data.

A reader sent this to me.

A huge "thank you" to the reader:
Shaleprofile.com put out a story on the 14th, that ND production was up about 2% (~35,000 bopd).

Their report was preliminary as the Director's Cut not out--not sure how they access the data, but oh well.

Shaleprofile only covers the modern hz production, but if you add legacy wells, of about 40,000 bopd, would put ND at something close to 1.475 MM bopd.

See: https://shaleprofile.com/2019/10/14/north-dakota-update-through-august-2019/.
The Director's Cut with August, 2019, data is scheduled to be released Friday, October 18, 2019.

Director's Cut tag: http://themilliondollarway.blogspot.com/search/label/DirectorsCut.

Preliminary July, 2019, crude oil production was:
  • 1,442,459 bopd -- new all-time high -- up 1.2% month-over-month
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  1. I don't think Shaleprofile.com has a DrillingInfo subscription. They get the state data directly. (Little bit better version you pay for.)

    1. That was a factual/typographical error on my part. Thanks for catching that. I will correct the post.

  2. VVS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dechvhb0Meo

    1. Sophia told me the same thing, LOL. I'll try to do better next time. Much appreciated.