Friday, July 19, 2019

Notes From All Over -- Part 2, July 19, 2019; KSU Beats

See this exuberant note on UNP from yesterday. The point of the post was that all that hand-wringing over the Chinese trade war may not be all that necessary. Earlier, pundits said that the trade war was the reason CSX reported poor earnings for 2Q19. But then UNP reported stellar earnings.

Now, the same for Kansas City Southern, beating estimates for 2Q19.

KSU: up 3.45% today.

From Benzinga:
  • earnings:
    • forecast: $1.61
    • actual: $1.64
    • beat by almost 2%; not headline worthy, but nice, just the same
  • revenue:
    • forecast: $706.23 million
    • actual: $714 million
    • beat by about 1%; again, no headline worthy, but better than the alternative (a decline, or even worse, a loss)
From the CEO, doing more with less (which seems to be a common theme this year):
The company is handling the same volume as last year with fewer assets, fewer crewstarts and considerably less network congestion, driving an improvement in customer service, operating metrics and cost profile,"
Keeping America great.

Heat wave, northeast US. A reader suggested I follow ISO New England and ISO New York. At 11:00 a.m. CT, July 19, 2019, a Friday morning:
  • New England: doing really, really well, under $20 (about $19.50 overall)
  • New York:
    • New York, Long Island: $50
    • New York, overall average: $36
    • New York, West-A: $71 (wow): I assume "West-A"is that part of ISONY west of / outside of NYC metropolitan area; this area, I believe, is highly dependent on natural gas, based on earlier reports, especially during the winter

One comment: I honestly don't know what Iran is up to -- it seems "they" are doing everything they can to incite a military response from the US.  I understand that. I don't know what they hope to gain. Right now, it appears they are irritating their neighbors more than they are irritating Trump.             

Now, For Something A Little Different

Tukka Laga Tukka Laga, Jagga Jasoos

Dueling videos. I mentioned that I enjoyed Gareth Gates' Spirit in the Sky. Arianna came back with Tukka Laga Tukka Laga.

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