Friday, July 26, 2019

Bakken Cookfest Comes To Bowman, ND -- July 26, 2019

Wow, I wish I was there.

Link here.

From the linked article:
In 2018, North Dakota produced an average 1,276,572 barrels of oil every single day, making it the number 2 producing state in the entire nation.

Every year, the North Dakota Petroleum Council picks out two small communities in the Bakken region to celebrate the success of North Dakota oil production, and this year they came to Bowman to host the Bakken Cookfest.

The first part of the cookfest was dedicated to an education session for the general public. Experts from the industry and the ND Dept. of Mineral Resources gave updates on the North Dakota Bakken region. Presenters discussed oil collection rates, explained the science behind oil drilling, and showed projections of where future oil production is headed.

Another main focus of the session was highlighting new technologies in the gas and oil industry. According to the ND Department of Mineral Resources, improving gas collection methods and drilling technology is the next big step in the industry.
Kathy Neset from NESET consulting services said that as time moves forward, oil rigs will continue to become more efficient and have the ability to drill more wells.
The event wasn’t all based on presentations and education, however. The cookfest also provided both food and live entertainment in downtown Bowman.

At the cookfest, different oil businesses and corporations served the community free BBQ style food. Balon Corporation’s regional manager Brian Grady was just one of the many oil representatives serving brisket to Bowman folks passing by.

“There are only two of these petroleum camp cookouts per year and we also do oilfield golf tournaments as well,” said Grady.
Much more at the link.

The other cookfest this summer: Van Hook, ND.

A family event; alcohol free.


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  1. Twenty years ago, I almost couldn't get PADI certified because my "ND creek swimming skills" didn't extent to 15 minutes of treading water. Is it too late to hire Arianna to help me out here...?
    You are only lucky Granddad!!

    1. I think about that everyday, multiple times, how lucky I am.

      It's hard to believe how long water polo players "tread water." Six-minute quarters; four quarters. And the goalies are treading water the whole time.

      I am so glad/relieved that their parents made sure all three granddaughters took swimming lessons beginning as early as six months for the oldest one; the younger two began lessons around two years of age.

    2. By the way, Arianna is PADI certified (scuba diving). Her younger sister took the course, passed the written and the practical but could not be certified because she did not meet minimum age requirements.

    3. If this darned auto-correct business would only leave me alone, I'd have said that "You are one lucky Granddad"! I suppose, at age 77, maybe I'll not bother to hire Arianna; maybe Sophia, to teach me the multiplication tables??
      I stand, err... sit, in awe of people who can tread water that long. My old admin assistant's hubby was a water polo coach and I was inclined to call him "Sir".....

    4. Not to worry about auto-correct -- we all hate it (and work around it).

      Of the three, you would do best with Sophia -- best personality of the three.