Thursday, May 2, 2019

Russian Collusion? Nope, But We Do Have Verifiable Russian Corrosion -- May 2, 2019

MRO: crushed earnings - link here
  • forecast for 6 cents/share
  • actual: 
  • adjusted, 31 cents
  • unadjusted: 21 cents
  • missed on revenues ($1.2 billion vs $1.23 billion)
  • wow, talk about excellent execution -- slightly short on revenues and earnings come in at 5x forecast
  • wow
Politics: if you want some fine reading, "Checkmatee: How President Trump's Team Outfoxed Mueller"; Human Events, May 1, 2019. Link here.

Russian pipeline contamination: apparently this pipeline contaminant and resultant corrosion is a huge, huge deal. Bloomberg calls it a logistical nightmare.

Collusion, corrosion: this reminds me --
The Japanese sound is more of a cross between the English R and L, so it's very difficult to distinguish the two, hence Engrish. A proper hard R is actually just as difficult to pronounce as an L for Japanese speakers, and the hardest words to pronounce are those with both sounds (for example, parallel). 
The words weren't difficult to pronounce; they just pronounced them differently according to Japanese rules. 

My mother-in-law often confused me -- I remember heavy traffic in Los Angeles one afternoon, I was driving, she told me:
"Take a light at the next reft." 
We had a lot of fun. Great memories. I remember the time I was invited to a luncheon at a nice restaurant. She was there without about twelve of her women friends; she hosted. I was seated at a separate table, by myself, given a camera and told to take pictures of the group. Wow, we had fun. Great memories.
NOG: will release 1Q19 operating results after market close on May 9, 2019.

Speaking of which: I wonder if Jerome Powell can do any more damage today. Wow, these guys are tone-deaf.

Having said that: what a great market. Time to take some profits? Sell in May, go away?

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment, financial, job, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here.

Apple: what's Gene Munster got to say about Apple these days? Link here. I think "we" already knew this:
“If I look at the broader analysis across Wall Street today, I think that there is a critical missing piece specifically about what’s the proper multiple to put on this company,” Gene Munster, Loup Ventures managing partner, told Yahoo Finance’s On The Move Wednesday. “The key distinction here is that investors typically think of this as a hardware business. Understandable, given that 80% of its revenue is hardware. But keep in mind, 35% of earnings are services-based and over the next few years, the company is progressively going to start to sell a hardware as a service.”
Spirit AeroSystems: Boeing's biggest parts supplier; warning on earnings.

Apple: announces a $75 billion stock buyback, but we already knew that was going to happen.

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