Sunday, April 21, 2019

Inactive Wells + DUCs In The Bakken -- April 21, 2019

Coincidentally I spoke with a former "oil man" yesterday. He follows natural gas, not crude oil.

He was completely unaware of this data point, from the February, 2019, North Dakota/Bakken director's cut:
Off line:
  • DUCs: 894, up 27 from last report (tracked here)
  • inactive: 1,667, up 150 from last report
  • total: 2,561 (up from 2,384 last month, about 800 more wells than will be drilled this calendar year)
A total of 2,561 wells off-line. That's two-to-three times the number of wells that will be drilled in North Dakota this year.

Look at the jump in the number of "inactive" wells -- up 150 from the previous report.

Just saying.

Link here

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