Monday, March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019, T+82, Part 1

Although the entire market is down, TSLA is having a particularly bad day:
  • TSLA: down over 2%; down about $5.75; now trading below $260
  • WTI: at $58.21 is down slightly today but many of the majors are doing well
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Earlier post: the big question: when did Mueller know that he would report "no collusion"? When did he know and what was the "tipping point"?

Later, a reader writes: the bigger question is how things would look this morning if Mueller said that Trump colluded with Russia to swing the election, and he clearly obstructed justice. Instead, we get a definite, no wishy-washy, "there was no collusion."

Talk radio:
  • Robert Kraft: long, long apology over the weekend
  • Robert Kraft: says he did nothing wrong
  • Talk radio: exactly what is he apologizing for?  
Talk radio call-ins: folks saying they did not vote for Trump; unsure of him after he was elected; but now Trump comes across as a sympathetic figure; Trump will gain votes.

Montana cold: if I remember, I will get back to this later.

Good luck to everyone.


  1. Montana is warming and I got the mud bog in my driveway to prove it!

    1. Montana is a huge state. It might be Arctic up north; tropical down south. Torrential rains in the far west and very, very dry to the east. LOL.

  2. Yup and canave that all in my little 3 acre plot, all in the same day

    1. Pretty funny; and exactly right. Three acres -- that's nice. For newbies, "canave" is western drawl for "can have."

  3. half of Europe is Smaller than Montana. don

    1. You are so correct. Funny story later for the blog along this line.