Friday, March 22, 2019

March 22, 2019, T+79 -- Part 2 -- Party School Ranking Across The US -- Keeping American Great

March Madness: Duke vs NDSU. Or if you prefer, NDSU vs Duke -- 6:10 p.m. tonight, televised. This should be a biggie. One not to miss. A reader reminded me that regardless of the outcome of the basketball game, NDSU will out-party Duke. I recall some years ago NDSU was named the #1 party school in the US. Today, not so much. NDSU does not make the top ten list. But let's do a bit more checking:
  • USD: #106
  • NDSU: #144
  • Duke: #191
  • UND: #192
  • SDSU: #228
The Market: with the Fed news and the German 10-year bond news yesterday, one expected the market to show red today -- so let's check --
  • pre-market: the Dow down over 183 points
  • early trading: recovered a bit, but now down almost 200 points
  • the ones I watch, per share if not stated otherwise:
  • D: up 60 cents
  • Tesla, down $4.00
  • XLNX, down $1.13
  • UNP, down 55 cents;
  • AAPL, up 80 cents;
  • RDS-B, down 89 cents;
  • CVX, down $1.45;
  • COP, down $1.21;
  • BRK-B, down $2.05
  • NOG, down 11 cents (down almost 4%)
  • OAS, down 17 cents (down about 2.6%)
  • EOG, down $2.49 (down about 2.5%)
  • EW, down $1.20
  • JAG, down 22 cents, trading at $10.70
Definitely not as bad I thought it would be.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment, financial, job, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here.

Reality show for the refiners: over at twitter today, "Crudehead/#OOTT" suggests that the most significant change to the global refining complex in the last forty years is IMO2020. "Crudehead" suggests this will result in a shift of 3 million bopd (supply/demand). This shift will be "out with the sour, in with the sweet." "Crudehead" suggests IMO2020 will be "the mother of all widowmakers." In the big picture, WTI is sweet; OPEC is not. Tectonic shifts are rare but when they occur, huge opportunity for investors.

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  1. Like Montana last night getting blown out by Michigan, just making the tourney is big stuff for mid level schools. Best of luck to NDSU, an upset just might bring on the end of all things.

    1. Agree 1,000%. Even more importantly, scouts will see players they might otherwise miss. And if scouts are aware of some of these players, they will get to see these players on the "big court" and how they play under pressure and in all that limelight. Montana's big scorer could/should do well in the NBA draft. But regardless, they will all have a great video to show their grandchildren.

    2. And, having said all that, it still blows me away that NDSU will be playing Duke. Wow. That really is amazing. And on a Friday night, prime time. The basketball gods must be smiling on NDSU. And Montana for that matter.

  2. Now that the dust has settled- NDSU challenged Duke for a while. Montana was never in it vs Michigan.
    Totally agree that this is about exposure for players as much as anything. And, yes NDSU vs Duke is a once in a lifetime story line

    1. Agree completely. I enjoyed the game. It must have been a real hoot for the Fargo folks to see their team on CBS in prime time. Quite amazing.