Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Update On Kashagan -- February 5, 2019

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Today, Eurasianet / oilprice have a very nice update on this oil play. I don't think there was necessarily anything new, but simply an update.

Some data points:
  • sulfurous oil: CPC Blend, a Kazakhstan-specific product
  • one of several crudes coming from the area
    • Tengiz, second-largest oilfield in Kazakhstan, northwester Atyrau region
    • Karachaganak, farther north
    • Filanovsky field, operated by Russia's LUKoil
  • name derives from the pipeline built in 2001; 1,500 km pipeline
  • the Caspian Pipeline Consortium:
    • Transneft (Russia): 31%
    • Kazakhstan state govt: 19%
    • rest of consortium (US, Russia, Italy, UK): 50%
  • Black Sea terminal: Novorossiysk, southern Russia
  • problem: CPC Blen is a light grade of crude with one particularly nasty feature -- contains foul-smelling and corrosive mercaptans
    • mercaptans: rotten egg odor; very, very strong, very, very rotten egg
    • high levels of hydrogen sulfide
    • also, incredibly corrosive to the pipeline that carries it
  • partly because of these mercaptans, bringing Kashagan oil to market was catastrophically late
    • was supposed to have come on line in 2013
    • didn't come on line until 2016
    • finally came on line at cost of almost $6 billion
  • current capacity: 1.45 billion bopd
  • Asia buying more of this oil each year
  • may benefit from Iranian sanctions

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