Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Off The Net For Awhile

You will have to scroll down a bit to find stories on the Bakken. Sorry about that. I usually try to leave Bakken stories at the top but that's how it worked out this a.m.

In the meantime, the Sammy Davis, Jr, story.

Tesla: the "affordable" Tesla may be dead. Link here.  TSLA shares unfazed.

Walmart: the company posts strong holiday sales gains in the US. Retailer's e-commerce sales rise 43% in its latest quarter as it adds more online grocery options. There's an accompanying story out there somewhere suggesting that this portends the death of Amazon. Whatever. One comment at the link:
  • Amazon Reports Third Record Profit in a Row 1.31.19 
  • Amazon Reports ‘Record-Breaking’ Christmas Sales 
  • P&G Raises Outlook After Another Quarter of Strong Sales 1.16.19 
  • Big Railroads Don’t See Slowdown on Horizon for U.S. Economy WSJ, 1.28.19 
  • BP tripled its annual earnings in line with other major oil companies 
  • John Deere & Co. Profits up 53.8% 4th Q, Y/Y  
Walmart, from Reuters via Chesto over at The Boston Globe:
Walmart reported its strongest holiday quarter in at least a decade, boosted by higher grocery and e-commerce sales, and said it saw no signs of weakness in US consumer spending despite recent signs of a slowdown. Walmart and rival Target’s unexpectedly strong growth in holiday sales reflected the health of the US consumer as spending remained robust due to a strong labor market and cheaper gasoline prices.
Amazon didn't do too badly either (see this link for starters) and long term my hunch is that Amazon has a lot more in the oven than groceries and toys.

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500 Miles, Inside Llewyn Davis

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