Sunday, February 24, 2019

Look How Far Shale Operator Debt Has Fallen -- In Just Three Years -- February 24, 2019

See this note, where it all started.

Back in the day:
  • 2012: $62 billion -- whoo-hoo!
  • 2014: $58 billion -- whoo-hoo!
  • 2016: $57 billion -- wow!
But now,
  • 2017, just over a year ago, down to $33 billion -- half what it was five years earlier
  • 2018, last year, $22 billion, about what it was eleven years ago 2007

... and, oh, by the way, US shale oil producers are setting new production records almost every month.
Something tells me there is a story there ...

With regard to tight oil, perhaps we've added another piece to the puzzle ...

Putting Things Into Perspective

Go ahead, you guys worry about debt and equity/debt ratios, I'm having a salmon dinner! Whoo-hoo!

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