Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Apple Vs Everything Else -- February 5, 2019

On February 2, 2019, I posted the following:
Echo Dot/Alexa: incredible. I don't have "Kindle" yet but I'm tempted. Because of Echo Dot/Alexa, I now have Amazon Music -- another revenue stream for Jeff Bezos. I have had Amazon Prime (another revenue stream) which includes movies and television series (for "free") that will last me a lifetime. Everyone talks about the Apple "ecosystem." Amazon is beating Apple -- and this comes from Apple fanboy #3. If I had one thought on why this is occurring: Jeff Bezos releases products even before they get to the "beta" stage (some hyperbole here, but I'm trying to make a point) whereas Apple won't release anything until it's been vetted well beyond the "sell-by-date." Apple seems terrified of bad press. Best example: even Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg is "beating" Apple/Tim Cook. Everyone knows Facebook knows the privacy / social medial security worries are bogus.  Leonard Cohen wrote about the Apple/Facebook feud years ago. 
Now tonight, over at Macrumors
CIRP estimates that the U.S. installed base of smart speakers reached 66 million units last quarter, suggesting that HomePod sales in the country have totaled around 3.96 million units since the speaker became available to order in January 2018. Apple does not disclose exact HomePod sales figures.

By comparison, the Amazon Echo and Google Home accounted for a commanding 70 percent and 24 percent of the installed base respectively as of last quarter, with both products proving to be popular holiday gifts. 
Look at that percentage for Amazon: 70%. And Amazon does almost no advertising. Amazon is where Apple used to be. With regard to Echo Dot/Alexa, "it just works." No fuss, no muss. $25 and no further fees unless one wants a bit more and then it's just $8.99/month. $25. HomePod? $349.

Yes, I know that the Echo Dot and HomePod are not directly comparable, but on the other hand ....

But Amazon Echo and HomePod are directly comparable. Amazon's new Echo: $99. 

Amazon Echo: 70%

Google Home: 24%

What does that leave Apple? Less than 6%.

I don't think there's any way to recover in the near future. Maybe ever.

HomePod, EchoDot ... all under Tim Cook's watch. Completely missed it. 

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