Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Yup, There Was Activity And The Wells Have Been Fracked -- January 1, 2019

Early last year, I noted the following: 
March 5, 2018: #18787 -- several new wells cross right over/under this old well; check this well periodically; it came off-line 12/17 which suggests activity in the area; these wells are being fracked/drilled and might affect #18787: #33482, #33483, #33484, #33485; #33472; #33471; #33470; #33469; and #33481. 
Tonight I checked on those ten (10) wells. All ten wells have been fracked and are now producing quite nicely. These wells are tracked here.

When I have time, I will update the ten wells but it was neat to see that my note of March 5, 2018 -- ten months ago was right on target. Wow. And that's why I love to blog, and that's why I love to follow the Bakken.

#18787 remains off line, so we don't know if it was affected by these newer wells. It's been off line so long it's possible this well will be shut in. I don't know. I have no idea. All I can do is wait and watch.

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