Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sundry Forms For The Whiting Wold 41-5-2TFHR -- January 8, 2019

The Whiting Wold wells in Banks oil field are tracked here

More on this well, a DUC that was reported as completed yesterday:
  • 34470, 2,283, Whiting, Wold 41-5- 2TFHR, Banks, t11/18; cum 17K after 19 day
From the NDIC files:
  • April 5, 2018: spud date inked in -- 3/8/2018; date to TD reached; 3/19/2018; all other data (including frack data) left blank
  • Geologist's report by Neset
  • Wold 41-5-2TFHR
  • spud/TD dates as above
  • lateral: 17,826 feet
  • sidetrack: 21,880 feet
  • summary: the well is a single lateral in the Three Forks formation...drilled south to north ... the lateral sidetrack #1 had a bottom location....
  • background gas in the lower Bakken shale: 605 - 3,188 units indicating that the cool down that was encountered back at around 17,000’ MD was actually at the top of the target and not the 2 ft. set line. Lateral #1 was ended 
  • sidetrack #1: was successful ...
  • the bit then tracked just above the 2 ft. set line till around 18,000’ MD where the bit bounced up off of the hot streak just above the cool of the two foot set line...
  • once the bit moved above the 2 ft. set line the bit then ranged from the top of the target, to the 2 ft. set line, back up to the top of the target and back to the 2 ft. set line over the next 1500 ft. of the lateral to around 20,150’ MD
  • the wellbore tracked throughout the Three Forks formation for 100% of the lateral and went fairly smoothly after the sidetrack was completed.
  • an undated sundry form suggests that the original name of the well, Wold 41-5-2H, was changed after Whiting requested the setback be moved from 500' to 200'
  • the original permit: Wold 41-5-2H
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