Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Data For Wells Coming Off Confidential LIst For Today -- Tuesday -- Have Not Been Reported -- January 22, 2019

These wells have come off the confidential list today, but the production data has not yet been reported as of 8:01 p.m. Central Time:

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
34879, conf, Newfield, Berg Federal 149-97-30-31-4H, Haystack Butte, producing, 
34878, conf, Newfield, Berg Federal 149-97-30-31-5H, Haystack Butte, producing, 
34613, conf, WPX, Benson 3HC, Squaw Creek, no production data, 
34476, conf, Lime Rock Resources, Laura Sadowsky 2-1-36H-142-96, Manning, an okay well, 
34475, conf, Lime Rock Resources, Laura Sadowsky 3-1-36H-142-96, Manning, an okay well,
34197, conf, CLR, Norway 9-5H2, Fancy Buttes, producing, but not much,
33643, conf, CLR, Ransom 5-30H2, Elidah, producing, albeit not much,
23939, conf, XTO, FBIR Ironwoman 21X-10E, Heart Butte,

The Book Page

The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean: The Ancient World Economy & The Kingdoms of Africa, Arabia & India, Raoul McLaughlin, c. 2014, 2018.

Balsam, pp. 42++:
The study of balsam demonstrates the desirability of incense as a commodity worth the effort and expense of distant trade. The healing ointment referred to the "balm" in the Old Testament is believed to be a unique form of myrrh known as balsam and ancient records suggest that the Jewish kingdom of Judea had a monopoly on this valuable substance. Balsam was highly sought after for medical properties and raised enormous revenues for whatever regime controlled its production.
Balsam became extinct during the sixth century AD when serious revolts in Palestine were followed by Persian and Islamic invasions. No living samples of the balsam plant exist, but archaeologists have recovered evidence of balsam resins in ancient containers.
An empty jar was found at Masada bearing the scratched-on words "balsam juice" in Aramaic letters, while at caves near Qumran an intact jug was found wrapped in palm fibres and crammed between some rocks. The jugs were inscribed with "Preparation B."
Just kidding. I made up that last line about "Preparation B."


She is holding her swimming ribbon having graduated from "X-Treme Swimmers" this past weekend. Sophia, who turns five later this summer, now advances to "advanced swimming  / stroke swimming." 

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