Friday, December 7, 2018

17-Year-Old New Owner Of Bowling Alley In The Bakken -- Bakken Economy -- December 7, 2018

Burger King, Sidney's newest business, is now open for business at 416 N. Central at the Shops at Fox Run from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Sidney was chosen for their newest restaurant because of its high traffic location on Highway 200. There are also plans for expansion into Williston. The Sidney store currently has 55 employees but they are hiring.

Bowling: Just like a massive mechanical pin-setting machine, there are a lot of moving parts when you operate a small business. "It's been really good - I mean, sometimes it can be stressful," says Trent Hunskor, "but it actually is really a lot of fun to do." Hunskor is the owner and operator of Lam's Lanes on Main Street in Newburg. Last year, with the help of his parents, the 17-year-old fixed up the city's beloved 4-lane bowling alley, got up to speed on the nuts and bolts, and flipped on the neon "open" sign. Newburg is NNE of Minot, off the main road about midway between Mohall and Bottineau.