Sunday, October 7, 2018

Quick! The Data Is Out -- October 7, 2018


The most recent "US power report" has been released.

This report from the EIA provides US electricity data on a monthly basis. The data lags by two months. The report released September 26, 2018, is for July, 2018, data.

The report breaks out contribution of coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, hydro, wind, and solar providing US electricity.

  • on a percentage basis how much did renewable energy use jump month-over-month, from June, 2018, to July, 2018, based on percentage of contribution?
    • 1%
    • 3%
    • 12%
    • 16%
  • how far did coal usage drop in the United States, on a percentage basis, as percent contributed, month-over-month?
    • 1%
    • 4%
    • 11%
    • 17%
  • to what extent did renewable energy overtake coal in providing electricity in the US?
    • a large extent (greater than 10%)
    • a moderate extent (greater than 5%)
    • only a slight extent (about 1%)
  • on a zero-emission combined basis (nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar) to what extent did their contribution increase month-over-month (July, 2018 over June, 2018)
    • to a great extent (greater than 10%)
    • a moderate extent (about 5%)
    • only a slight extent (less than 1%) 
The report and the link will be posted later.

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