Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Big Oil To Bury Skeptical Investors -- Rystad Energy -- October 9, 2018

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This was the top story over at Rigzone today. t's a Bloomberg story. It's an open-book test.

Headline: Big Oil to bury skeptical investors in piles of cash. Data points:
  • according to Bloomberg, investors still haven't forgiven oil companies for crude-price collapse four years ago
  • oil remains at $80
  • costs languish at an 8-year low
  • 2018: oil companies will rake in as much extra cash as it did in the previous five years combined -- Rystad Energy
  • one could liquidate Facebook and it wouldn't touch what oil companies will generate in free-flowing cash over the next three years
  • international oil companies: could see free cash flow
    • double this year
    • to a record $175 billion
    • rise again in 2019, to $200 billion
    • stay around that level for least two more years after that
  • Bloomberg cited enough concerns in the second half of the story to offset the first half

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