Monday, September 24, 2018

Vern Whitten Aerial Photos Of The Fargo - Moorhead Area -- September 24, 2018

Two cities in North Dakota just amaze me -- why and how they keep growing and growing.

Vern Whitten released a set of aerial photos of the Fargo / Moorhead area.

Look at all that building going on in the Fargo / Moorhead area. Simply amazing.

Vern Whitten Photography
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  1. Williston? And Fargo. Activity has steadily picked up this year in the Bakken. Driving home from homecoming float building tonight and noted motel parking lots looked full. Apartments getting full again at, I believe, 90+% occupancy. Thanks for posting Vern Whitten photos, excellent.

    1. The high point of each quarter: when Vern Whitten sends out his batch of photos of North Dakota. The high point of each month: the Director's Cut.